Corbières 2018 – Aubertet Mathieu

Corbières 2018 – Aubertet Mathieu
🍇 Chuck it all in and start a vineyard in the South of France?

⏰ It’s 9pm on a Sunday evening and the working week looms large! If I could do what these two pals, Aubert & Mathieu have done (chucked in the 9-5 and become winemakers in the Languedoc); I’d be off like a shot!

📌 With an eye for marketing (check out that label), a heart for the planet (their operation is carbon neutral) and undeniable green fingers, these chaps are doing impressive things in top vineyard locations all over the region with their terroir range, of which this Corbières is a part, earning some impressive gongs from the critics.

😣 My raging jealousy, upon learning more about this producer, soon gave way to admiration after loving this sample sent directly from the producers this evening.

✏ Ultra expressive on the nose with lashings of ripe red cherries and raspberries giving a jammy first impression. Throw in garrigue, cinnamon and spice and there’s real complexity here to make the nose interesting. The palate progresses with the same flavour profile and the quality does not dip, infact it gets better, a generous mouth-feel with silky tannins and 14% alcohol handled with ease. Long luscious finish and a depth of fruit that just keeps coming makes this wine simply delicious. 93 points for this fruit packed Syrah. £25. @enotriacoe @aubertetmathieu.

🍷Languedoc-Roussillon was up and coming when I was a nipper and this Corbières is yet more proof, should it be needed, that world class quality has long since arrived.
🤔 Keep the 9-5 or get the first flight to Béziers?

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