Sale 2017 Menhir Salento

It’s #TanninTime – Sale 2017 Menhir Salento
Today I want to share with you a wine from my native land, Salento: lu sule, lu mare lu ientu.
Tomorrow I finally go to Lecce to hug my nephews and my parents.

📌 #winelovers where are you going this weekend❓❓

Sale 2017 Menhir Salento

🍇 50% White Malvasia and 50% White Fiano
Ageing: on lees for at least 3 months in steel tanks

👀 Yellow Pale
👃 Pleasant notes of yellow-fleshed fruit and white flowers.
👅 Fresh, mineral and savory with an almond aftertaste.


Menhir Salento
Bagnolo del Salento (Lecce)
Tel.: +39 0836.818199

Tasting Date: 17/03/2019

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