Brustengo Umbrian recipe

Brustengo Umbrian recipe

Brustengo Umbrian recipe
– 350gr potatoes
– 250gr cauliflower
– Salt, pepper, oil and 2 cloves of garlic
Clean the potatoes, cut them into small pieces and cook in salted water…. When cooked, remove the potatoes (after about 30 minutes) and cook the cauliflower in the same water for 15/ 20 minutes….
When cooked with a fork crush the vegetables add salt and pepper.
Then in a pan add oil and garlic and let it wither for a couple of minutes and then add the vegetables and cook for about 10 minutes leveling with a spoon the surface…then turn the mixture (which must look like an omelette without eggs) and cook it for about 10 more minutes…

Brustengo Umbrian recipe paired with Esimio 2018 Eraldo Dentici

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